Heavens Do Cry

The pillars of strength shed tears of despair too. The heavens cry as the sight of man’s doom and anguish destroys its vision of hope and resolution for this nest of destruction. We look up to the heavens, searching for the answers the world cannot give. We ask why man always falls prisoner to the clutches of evil, locked up in chains so tight, in the dungeons of darkness, gloom, doom and sinister. In days of despair for the victims of evil, the heavens weep along with them. In every injustice, abuse and what not, our pillars of strength lose their firm hold on the ground. As their wide fields of vision catch a glimpse of their every child who turns into a slave under the tyrannical and dreaded master, Poverty and views the streets, the busy highways where once blooming fields rest, now as a source and foundation of life, our very own foundation of hope loses its strength as it shatters into pieces, defeated by the joint forces of all the atrocities this so-called “nest of life” holds. But what brings most tears to the eyes of the heavens is the truth that man does nothing concrete enough to restore the paradise that man himself abuses, destroys, but above all- it is the very resort that is essential for his survival. And when our heavens see this deplorable condition, owing to the fact that only man himself can change these chains of events, our heavens do nothing but sulk in corner and weep until they can weep no more. I look out my window and upon seeing the heavy downpour, I say to myself: “The heavens weep, and they will continue to weep until such time comes that man realizes that it’s too late to make a change, too late to put a definite end to the immoralities the heavens witness every split second, too late to save his soul.”