Almighty Father, I come to you today to seek your grace.

I come to offer my gratitude for endowing me with a million blessings.

The best among which is the gift of family and friends, those whom I love and serve as my fountains of support.

I thank you for sending these people and carefully putting them in my path. Without these people, I would be nothing.

I would be this worthless creature.

Thank you Father for making me a complete person because of them.

Thank you for guiding their minds and hearts and thank you for bringing them into my life.

Thank you for making them patient and generous people; these values they possess push me to soar higher.

Father, I ask you to please bless them.

May You never get tired of keeping them company.

May You continue to work wonders in my life through them.

Lastly, Father, I ask You to please keep them happy and fulfilled and that they may never get tired of molding me into the best I can become.